Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall SWAP Plan

Ok, so I'm back from Burning Man and I'm rearing to sew! Inspired by the FallSwap thread on Artisans Square/Stitcher's Guild I'm going to Sew With A Plan :) Not sure on the specifics yet but I do know it will include Simplicity 3804 wrap style dress, mostly likely view B with shorter sleeves (remember I'm in Florida LOL). Blouse styles will be the flattering seams of McCall's M5145 (I love menswear fabrics and similar styled blouses from Lane Bryant but need to tweek the fit) and easy comfy tshirts from Simplicity 4076 (several nice variations for a cleavage girl like me LOL). I have a Tried-N-True skirt pattern, and a pants pattern that I want to tweek the fit on so it will be a TNT. I'm going to try and stay focused on work clothing. Right now I wear shorts, jeans, tshirts & blouses. Comfortable but I'd like to pull myself a bit more together without being totally 'career dressing' which is not quite appropriate in this particular instance.

Now I just have to refrain from buying fabric until I've gotten a workable plan together AND gone thru my stash at home LOL I have two fabrics I'm soooo jonsing for at but trying to be good until I'm better prepared :)

Wish me luck!