Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've added Twitter Updates to my sidebar. Keeps me from writing everything out multiple times plus serves as a 'tickler file' for subjects I'd like to expand on here. So many times I've thought of something I want to blog about but then forget when I finally have the time. This way I can Twitter via cellphone when the idea strikes. Ahh technology!

I finished up the necklace using the Norse Goddess beads bought previously on Ebay. I have got to get pics tomorrow. I've really fallen in love with this particular necklace. It might just be mine :)

In prep for FridayFest I finished up three necklaces. Mostly stringing beaded focals on ribbon, adding clasps, etc. Plus two of my stretchy chain bracelets had cured enough for me to snip off the excess elastic. I've found that liberally coating the knots with Jeweler's Cement and letting cure/dry for several days really seals the knot.

I'm trying to decide what to work on next. I'm pretty happy with the new stuff for Friday so not feeling under the gun but I do want much more stock on hand. Goodness knows I've got enough beads in the house.

I have got to re-organize the studio room. Ok, confession time - I have got to CLEAN the studio room. I know I have a box of ribbons and cording somewhere. Somewhere. Can't find it to save my life. I've tucked them away somewhere 'safe'. Or a pile of papers/beads/books/fabric/tools/clothing/misc has slid over on top of them. I need my workspace for some of the upcoming art class homework plus I just need to reclaim my studio. I'm going to try to work in small spurts of separating and organization with everything else going, with an eye toward final finish during my Spring Break. I can get help then to move the furniture and lay the floor tile, then shift everything back.