Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last week I received my millinery kit from JudithM but today is the first day I've had to start making something. I'm using the book that came with the kit and the classic 'From The Neck Up' to create a boater style hat.

So far I've drafted the pattern, and cut it out of buckram. I originally made the brim 3" all the way around but then adjusted that to suggested mesurements from the kit book. I'm afraid the new brim might be a bit narrow for my taste but I'm reserving judgement until it's completed.

I've wired the tip and the inner brim. I'll wire the brim edge when I get home from work. Then start covering it with fabric.

I went on a cleaning and organizational binge Sunday and Monday. I made a lot of improvements to my studio room. One of the perks of having re-organized is re-discovering a bunch of deeply colored feathers. I had used them several years ago on some holiday ornaments. These will come so in-handy!

Work is pretty slow tonight so I may be home earlier than normal. I'll decide on sleep or hats then :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Steampunk Costume #1 - The basics

Recently I was gifted two big garbage bags full of clothing. The Fabulous Gift-er had lost some weight and no longer fit into them. I was delighted to take them off her hands. In going through and selected what I wanted I came across three items that individually didn't strike me, but when I glimpsed them laying together in a pile - Inspiration Hit!

I realized the three separates were perfect, with a little tweaking, for a great Steampunk costume. And really, who amongst us can't be improved with a little tweaking? ;)

Sadly, I've mis-placed my camera so shoddy camera phone pics will have to suffice for now.

The basic blouse and skirt:

The blouse is a 100% cotton, white, princess cut with short sleeves. Shaping is very important especially when boobalicious like myself. I originally thought to tea dye it but decide to keep it white for now. I can always dye it once if it gets stained. I plan on using button covers to cover up the plain buttons with steamy bits of beads & gears.

The skirt is also cotton in the quasi-military style. I hate elastic waists but I can deal with it. I may add bits of old cotton lace scavenged from linen napkins to the pockets for just a touch of femininity. You can't tell from this picture but it's mid-calf length and A-line in shape. Kinda reminds me of the stuff Banana Republic put out in the day.

Ahh, the stodgy, grandmother-ly cardigan. Soon to be a sexy steamy cover-up! I have two ideas for this piece. One idea is to re-sew the front so it is more fitted and shape the back to almost a bustle. The second idea is add a ribbon along the top of the lacy part and use that to draw up to the waistline. Maybe to add some additional lace. I can see wearing this over a sexy bra :D