Monday, November 19, 2007

Frustrated and Non-Productive

Arrgghh! It's so frustrating when life gets in the way of what I enjoy!

The most creative thing I've done lately has been painting my fingernails LOL And for the record I used OPI Light My Sapphire (the exact color of grape kool-aid!) topped with OPI My Private Jet (a sparkly dark).

Too many things have happened lately to keep me from crafting and sewing. The biggest has been prepping the house for the BeeGuy. BeeGuy is coming to tear open a hole in an exterior wall and remove... you guessed it - BEES! I have honeybees making a comfy home in the hollow walls of my home. Yippee. Have I mentioned that I'm allergic to bees? and slightly phobic? LOL I've been sleeping with ear plugs so I can't hear them buzzing LOL

I decided to use the opportunity to re-paint my bedroom. When I moved in eight years ago all I did was put up textured wall paper. Now I'm ready for something else. So when I replace the drywall on Saturday, after the BeeGuy works his magic, I'll start ripping down the rest of the wall paper & border. I'll have to kilz and prime before I paint but thats not a big deal. I'm thinking a curry or paprika color, still darkish but not as dark as before.

I picked up a copy of Somerset Home this weekend and have found a few inspirational pieces. I'll wait until I've chosen a wall color before I start crafting new room accessories. One piece really jumped out at me: Butterfly Reminder, a beautiful reminder to "Create Daily". Mine will probably be a dragonfly or fairy muse, and most likely deeper jewel-tone colors but the message will certainly be as dear :)