Monday, May 10, 2010

Earlier this morning I spent several delicious hours reading various blogs that focused on doll houses and miniatures. When I was younger I was a pretty serious miniaturist. I even made a working loom following life size directions in one of the Foxfire books. I loved the itty-bitty stuff. So I got the fancy to build a doll house kit.

As I was looked up kits I came across this: Greenleaf Miniature Travel Trailer! How adorable! It sparked the idea of doing one for my Mom since she loves the old 'canned ham' and Airstream styles.

Later I was browsing the magazines at Barnes & Noble when I spotted the corner of a 'Miniature Collector' magazine peaking out behind a knitting magazine. As I haven't looked at one in years I pulled it out of the rack. And this was the cover...

Ok... I think I'm supposed to make a tiny travel trailer this summer. I'm good with that :)