Saturday, August 30, 2008

Notes to self

small base - undo petals, spiral stitch on thin wire for shaping, organic oozing shape, vase?
larger base with section of bottom - raw petals, make individually then apply, wire outline? stage or display section, like Faberge egg
research sugar skull designs

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zen Cart update so far

Saturday - Brain Cell Increase Or Decrease???
So did I just kill or increase a few brain cells getting the shipping options setup in ZenCart? It has taken me the greater part of the evening to set the shipping costs as I wish. Thank Goddess I'm doing this locally install of a live install LOL I love being able to change - test - change - test with no consequences.

Sunday Afternoon - All Your Credit Card Are Belong To Us
Bwhahahaha! I have conquered the Payment & Credit Card module! Woot! Once I go live I'll install the PayPal payment option module and the Transfirst credit card authorization module. They can not be installed nor tested on local system.

::rubs hands:: closer my Prrrrrrecccioussssss, closssssseeerrrrrr ::/Gollem::


Friday, August 22, 2008

More Baby Steps

In addition to some TS Fay cleanup I finally got a good local install of Zen Cart! Nothing wrong with the program, I just had computer issues last time I tried. This time it was just cake! Apache installed, MySQL installed, MercuryMail installed. Thunderbird is setup with the test emails. I changed my host from GoDaddy over to BlueHost. It should propagate by tomorrow but I'm taking my time, setting up a dummy/local store so I can learn how Zen Cart actually works. I want to have complete control over my store.

Gonna fix myself a tall glass of cold milky chai then get back to it :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Upside of Tropical Storm Fay

There was an upside of Tropical Storm Fay. Being stuck inside while we got hit with nearly 30 inches rain resulted in two nearly complete beaded projects.

The first is a beaded necklace using a cool lampwork bead I picked up several years ago at a local gem & mineral show. To me the bead looks like a Chinese dragon is trapped inside.

I'm going to string these on a shimmery metallic ribbon, maybe a light purple or pale gold.

The second project doesn't look like much yet LOL

I'm using a broken fragment from either a crystal wineglass or a crystal candlestick as a base. I started with peyote stitch then right-angle-weave when I increased bead size. I have a vague idea of what I'd like but just kinda going free-form with for now. An interesting departure from jewelry :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book Recommendation

I read a recommendation on for "Be Your Own Boss: Small Time Business Operator" by Bernard B. Kamoroff. It was the subtitle, however, that grabbed my attention, 'How to start your own business, keep your books, pay your taxes and stay out of trouble' LOL!

I had questions on exactly how to handle paying for expenses from both my personal and business account, and what I should be documenting, etc. This book answered all my questions! The table of contents and chapters are clearly labeled so you can skip straight to the necessary sections. The language is straightforward and simple. Terms are defined and examples given. Spreadsheets are in the back of the book too.

Thanks to this book I've set up my checkbook in Microsoft Office Accounting, and used Excel to create a Monthly Income Ledger and Expenditure Ledger. Come month-end and year-end I'll be pulling it off the shelf again :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm still lethargic and meh but shaking it off. Part of my 'meh' is procrastination in doing biz admin stuff. I did manage to take a shower, get dressed, and meander down to B&N. I read a good recommendation on a small business operations book and decided to buy it. I've got MS Accounting for Small Business but had some questions on other record keeping.

So this week's tasks are: getting more familiar with record keeping; learning how to put the EZ-Up so I can get pics; brainstorming costume with Kat; work on ZenCart set up.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I had a good safe trip home. Traffic was not bad at all and we made good time. I dragged my suitcase in the front door about 9pm. Of course all the rest of my stuff is still in the car LOL
Changed immediately into a comfy nightie and relaxed for the evening. I love my bed :)

The positives:

  • I received many compliments on my display.
  • I received many compliments on my work.
  • Not one dreaded "I can do that".
  • I sold 6 pieces.
  • No one blinked at my prices.
  • I have enough pieces to use at my next show, less to replace.
  • I know now to make some matching or coordinating earrings and rings.
  • I have time to focus on some planned arty pieces.
  • Follow up administrative tasks will be easy this time around.

The negatives:

  • It was a slow vending event overall. Some just broke even, some sold nothing at all.
  • Poor initial impression of the event due to uninformed staff.
  • Never laid eyes on the Vendor Coordinator the entire event, couldn't pick her out of a line up.

So overall - not bad. I've got a show under my belt. I have another event already scheduled and I'm prepared to pick up a few more.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick update before I head down to vend

James and I had real treat last evening. We decided at the last minute to head over to the Cuban Club for Voltaire's,, off-site performance. The fashion show was still going on so we mingled in the lobby and he noticed that Voltaire was selling his cds off to the side. We bought the newest one and paid in cash. As Voltaire was signing it for me he told us a story. Basically he caught a cab to the airport and then realized he only had $6 and no wallet. His girlfriend had the cab come back so she could pay him and V managed to get on the plane with just his passport. He found enough change to buy a bottle of water and a cup of coffee in his backpack. Luckily someone from the con was picking him up in Miami and bringing him to Tampa. The point of the story was that the $15 dollars I handed him was literally the only cash he had on him and he was thanking us cause now he wasn't 'penniless'! Dunno if it was true or not but hilarious to hear him tell it! ROFLMAO!

Before I forget - ohmygawd, our dinner last night! We went out intending to have Quiznos or Subway, which was just a block away from the hotel. We ended up in this gourmet meal instead for maybe $15 each. James had a roasted pear, bacon and blue cheese salad, while I had a duck & brie crepe on a slice of grilled pineapple. Yes. You read that right. We treated it like tapas and shared. I think we just stopped ourselves from licking the plates clean. Nom Nom Nom!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The trip over to Tampa went well. A little behind schedule but it's not like we were on a deadline LOL James' photoshoot went well. He got a couple of awesome shots. I enjoyed downtime by the pool, flipping thru a 'Bead and Button' magazine, brainstorming some new pieces. After the shoot a few of us went out to dinner in Ybor City. Nom nom nom :)

The event is going exactly as planned but I'm rolling with the punches. I must have looked at last year's schedule and thought it would be duplicated this year. This year vending is only two days (Saturday & Sunday) and from Noon - 5pm. This is really odd for any event I have ever been to but hey, roll with it. Load-in is Friday afternoon and we're planning on getting booth & product shots.

Tomorrow morning we're walking a couple of blocks to a French restaurant for crepes! Rawr!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Finished photographing all the pieces I'm taking with me to C14. I was only taking quickie pics to document for my database but dang, 50+pcs! whew!

Got my table drape cut and the raw edges serged.

All show stuff packed up!

Really all that is left is to decide what I'm taking in regards to clothing and makeup :)

I have a pair of earrings I'd love to finish but not sure if it will happen. They may end up going with me as 'booth work'. Plus I received some Swarovski rivolis today from that are destined for earrings too.

Hmmm... adds "put together box of beads & tools to take to C14" to my to-do list :)