Sunday, June 28, 2009

Construction Notes - Pocket1

1) Cut 2 of pocket Backs in fabric, and 1 in interfacing
2) Make pattern for Loops, cut fabric & interfacing
3) Turn Loops 5/8 and top stitch twice
4) Mark placement and stitch Loops to Back2, zigzag for stability
5) Stitch Bottom to outward facing Back1, right sides facing up
6) Leave 5/8 open on ends of seam
7) Stitch Front to Bottom1 around curve, starting and stopping at the previous 5/8 mark
8) Turn under and stitch top edge of Front
9) Stitch Front to Back1 with right sides facing same direction (ie: raw seams)
10)Carefully sandwich Back1 and Back2, right sides together (with Front & Bottom out of stitching lines
11)Turn inside out
12)Fold top raw open seam to inside, press, and top stitch
13)Top stitch along seams for stability
14)Think about elastic along top edge

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UFO List as I clean out the Studio

New Goth/Steampunk Coat - use black & gold belly dance cover-up; gold embroidery on the back, various elements down the front & on sleeves; collar will be vintage seal fur capelet; need fabric for actual coat - something lightweight enough for Florida "winters".

Black Cotton Lace - there is enough for a new sheer slip dress

Tribal Panel - cool kicky skirt; lingerie style elastic waistband; side zip, slits up side

Green Velvet Flair Pants - replace waistband; see if I have wide no-roll elastic

Dark Green Velvet Bra - needs flannel lining then ready to sale

Painted Bra - needs waist & shoulder straps then ready to sale

Butterfly Bra - Paint around butterflies, add straps, ready for sale

Beledi Dress - add buttons & closures, then ready to wear

Thursday, June 18, 2009

necklace re-do update

I forgot to take a picture of the necklace before I cut it apart. ::Doh!:: But I've only removed a few elements so I figured this was decent documentation of it's "Before" status.

I figured out how to move the knots up snug to the spacer beads. I think this is the look I want.

I originally used Fireline on the beaded panels but I don't like the way the tension has settled. Some are quite wonky and not as fluid a feel as I wanted. I'm going to redo each beaded panel but use either Nymo or C-lon beading thread in dark green. I want more of a drape than a stiff panel.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Notes to Self: Panel necklace

I'm re-doing an existing necklace. It was an Egyptian inspired piece made up of three layers of beaded panels. I've never been happy with the way it hung so I decided to re-do it.

These are my notes on the new improved design. I'm using 'Celtic Knots for Beaded Jewelry' by Suzen Millodot, as reference for my knotwork.

  • re-stitch all the panels; do each separately so as not to lose beads, nor shift colors
  • braid knot between each panel
  • one silver spacer on each side of braid knots
  • necklace: silver three hole spacer, rectangular celtic knot, three hole spacer, possible repeat.