Wednesday, July 30, 2008

well phooey :(

So much for my bright idea to paint henna patterns on my display arm. The paint pen I was using was just too thick, the paint too light (I wanted subtle but invisible is ridiculous), and my hands just shake too much.

Ahh well, a quick coat of spray paint and the evidence will be hidden LOL

I may find a local henna artist and have them paint on a design then clear coat.

Yup, I think that is a plan.

More Purging!

More purging of the good kind! Mom just left with my old computer desk, a free standing sewing notion holder thingy, and a huge plastic tub of... stuff! I can't believe how much of a difference it made - there is more floor! open space! airy-ier! I can see what is left better too. Some of it she'll sale on Ebay, some will get sold in an upcoming yard sale.

I showed off all the elements I've been pulling together for C14. She loved it. Yes, she's my mom and she's gonna support nearly everything I do but it feels good to get some validation for my work. To have someone else see the same vision and think it's on track - well, it feels good. I've got all the jewelry entered into the database. I'm going with over 50 pieces. I showed her everything too and she thought it was enough too. Whew!

All that is left is: cut & serge the table drape; buy table cloth; put pinback onto Spider Broach, paint henna-like designs onto display arm; pack it all up!

I ordered a couple cute tops & a dress from They should be here today and hopefully fit. When they arrive I'll start pulling together outfits and packing my personal stuff. Tuesday I have a hair appointment to spiff up my layers. I may re-red it before I have it cut. If not before then immediately after so the smell is gone by Thursday.

Just got back from errands. I'm still bouncing from her praise, "Wow, you've really got this all together"! This coupled with some comments I've recently received from folks on my work is just making me glow :D Ok, tablecloth, clips & table skirt is bought. Found a funky placemat at Target that will coordinate with my table drape too.

Gonna scarf down some lunch and paint an arm LOL

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I finished up 9 rings, 1 ring&earring set, and 2 pairs of earrings. Still to go is: finished red&black bracelet, finished green&brown spiral tube necklace, string green&black beaded bead, remove necklace part from spider piece and add pin back. I have a couple other pieces that I'm mulling over either re-doing or re-working all together. By that I mean, either redo them just as they are but better, or rework to make a completely different item. They are not a priority right now but I'll get 'em eventually :)

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Friday, July 25, 2008

I heart Big Lots

I went to Big Lots with the intention of buying one box of snack size plastic bags. They are perfect for storing jewelry pieces in. I walked out with not only the bag of snack bags but a cool metal frame mirror, a wooden tray from which necklaces & bracelets can hang off of, and metal easels for both!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

18 days away!

Only 18 days until I head to Tampa for C14!!! I'm nervous and excited but nearly ready :)

Today I worked through a pile of unfinished necklaces. I finished 8 necklaces! Woot! I have one that is still unfinished because I need more Crystal Fireline, and two that I'm just not happy with. I'm not sure if they need to be re-worked or re-done completely. I'll look at them later with fresh eyes.

I'm going to make some more necklace displays this week. I found these two cool tutorials that I'm going to try out:
Necklace Display Tutorial
Taco Bell Bowl Necklace Display.

I'm also going to start pulling together a 'show box'. I've found several good lists online plus I remember some of what my bosses took when I worked at the jewelry manufacturer.

Hopefully I can stay busy enough to keep the anxiety at bay LOL

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

gasp! an Update!

What's this??? an update?? GASP!!!

LOL I know, I know! Its been ages since I've updated, but I can either create or blog. And sometimes creating wins :)

Looking forward to CON14,, in August 2008. I'm finishing up some gorgeous decorated bra's. I've got a few display props on order, hopefully they will arrive this week. I need to lay out my wares and start planning my display. See what I'm missing, what needs to go upwards, etc.

Plus I just received confirmation that I will be vending at Florida Pagan Gathering,, in November! Bouncy Bouncy SQUEE! I'll finally get to use my EZ-UP canopy! I may need to rent a small trailer or suv to haul up canopy, table, plus my camping gear (tent, screen room, collapsible kitchen, picnic table, etc). I may invest in a better quality air mattress too - one of those that sits up higher. That is the one bad thing about tenting it - getting up and down off the air mattress LOL

Hope everyone is having a good summer so far!