Saturday, August 13, 2011

House Manual & Link Love: Housekeeping Helpers

As much as I love technology (I blame my first Palm Pilot! it was The.Most.Incredible.Thing.EVAH!!!!) I'm finding good ole fashioned lists are doing more to keep me organized that ever before. I've been making use of a few free downloadable lists and thought I would I share.

Check out this post on - Sunday Planning She's got a nifty collection of Daily Planners, Menu Planners, Weekly Planners and Blog Planners. I'm using three of these right now :)

Ok. I am so not a Christian. And I pretty much roll my eyes at some supposedly "devout" folks... however... I have to give some serious credit to this chick at 31 Days To Clean! This 31 Cleaning Plan is really cool. Ignore the Christian stuff (or not, your choice!) and print out a copy of the calendar. As a hoarder I either see the big picture and get overwhelmed; or only see the small details and ignore the rest. This plan is actually helping me to Get Stuff Done.

I've instituted a plan where I was the dishes I've just used, wipe down the sink, make the bed when I get up, pick up whatever I just put down, etc. This is great for the current messes but then I see the sheer number of things that need to be cleaned and handled - and I panic.

Using the calendar is helping me to work through one extra chore a day. Seeing my refrigerator sparkling clean and organized so inspired me to keep going. Now life does occasionally get in the way. If I'm unable to do that days chore I just pick up where I left off.

I've added the above calendar and list to my "House Manual". I've been taken with the idea of creating a manual for my home. Riffing off the house manuals that Leather Families use I thought, "Why not do one for my home?" While my manual may not be so specific as to behaviors and actions it can represent the ideals that I like to espouse and strive to live toward. I've added the below sentiments to my House Manual.

10 Ways To Love

Source: None via Beria on Pinterest

In This House
Check out this cool Subway Style sign on Etsy, I love the message!
In this house...

We do REAL



We do FUN

We do HUGS







Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eye Candy - Pinterest

I am so addicted to! I am both inspired and despairing of the awesome stuff I'm finding there! Below are a few things that have really caught my eye and imagination :)

This is such a lovely-cute-adorable-ohmygawd-squee studio!
art studio

I used whole wheat pastry flour and added a dash Garam Masala. Next time I may add some Old Bay Seasoning. Nom Nom Nom!

Glamorous! Sparkly! Sexy! Rawr!

Monday, August 8, 2011

August Game Plan

I'm deep in the Great Purge of 2011! Woohoo!

I went through approximately 3/4 of my outdoor shed. I threw away so much stuff! It was awesome!!! I moved my camping gear into the shed, and will be moving lawn mower & other yard stuff in shortly. I will also be moving my show displays and luggage in there. It will still be very accessible but not under foot.

My "theme" for the new sewing room is "corsets"! I can decorate and practice setting grommets at the same time :)

I've got some links to share tomorrow, ones that have really inspired me :)