Saturday, January 26, 2008

Houston, we have website!
My fabu friend, Cherie, helped me out immensely and knocked together a quick website for me! Check out the gallery page for some examples of my work :)

Busy weekend for me - I've got about 5 designs rumbling around in my head that I'm trying to get out. Plus I have a table at the Micco Community Sale on Feb 2nd, so I'm trying to get some of the inexpensive items made.

I'm finding myself conflicted. I have these cool ideas but they are quite time-intensive. Do I spend time on my "art" or make what I think will sell? Gotta find the balance :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Time Coming Up!

Izoralee Designs will be vending officially for the first time next month! Woohoo! My mom and I will be sharing booth space at a local flea market/farmer's market. I'm busy making some spring & valentine themed pieces - pictures coming soon! The stock will do double duty as I'll also something to get up on my website.

Mom found an artist tent at a yard sale for $25!!! what a steal!! just need to get some tarps and clips for the sides. We have an 8ft table. I bought a few necklace and hand display pieces. We'll pick up a colorful tablecloth and be good to go :)

I've crossed off a few more items off my business to-do list. Two more will go away tomorrow after work when I pick up my local re-sale license and open my business account.

Squee!! LOL