Thursday, October 25, 2007

Necklace pics :)

This first one is of some elements for the Fall Choker. The big piece needs to have the long leads snipped off still. I'll probably make about 6 or 8 of the small twisted element, each will be separated by tiny orange bead, larger orange/white/green bead, and another tiny orange bead.

I'm 99% finished with this one. I still need to attach a lovely silver clasp that I bought specifically for this piece but... my hands are aching and I'm tired LOL so for Saturday night it will just get knotted securely.


I've been on a jewelry/beading binge lately. I have two more pieces in progress :)

First is a red & black asian themed choker. I'm mixing some black, carved, hexagonal beads with dark red, round, glass beads. The focal bead looks like a black mahjong tile. I worked on the actual bead layout last night. Need to pickup some sort of cap beads for the cording to finish off and attached toggle to.

The second is an fall choker of orange twisted wire and sparkly glass beads. I've never worked with wire but took advantage of the recent JoAnn's sale to pick up a 'Coiling Gizmo' and a 'WigJig'. Last night I twisted the center wire element from 16g wire. I need to find my big tool wire cutters cause my little jewelry cutters are not... well... cutting it LOL

I'd like to get both finished tonight but not sure that is feasible since I need to pack for my Tampa trip. Pics soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My friends have graciously allowed me to post pictures of their El-Wire costumes! I am so happy and proud of the way they turned out :) These were existing garments that I added El-Wire and its corresponding power sources. The are two challenge with El-Wire: One is that the power source is large & bulky, and has to sewn into the garment so it doesn't affect fit nor weight down the garment. Two the wire can not be bent at all, but coaxed into curves and shapes, and must be couched onto fabric. Time consuming but so totally worth it :)

Without further ado - Pictures!!!

New Necklace

In the course of cleaning up, and out, my craftroom I came across some beautiful dichroic glass pendants I bought several years ago. Feeling particularly energized and creative I decided to do something with them. A "necessary" trip to JoAnn's produced a chain necklace kit and some coordinating beads.

Below are two pics of the finished product.