Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Holiday Sigh of Relief

I didn't blog much during the month of December due to working 6 days a week, and because my projects were presents for family. Didn't want to give away the surprise :)

Naturally I didn't manage to get pictures of them before I wrapped them up LOL

I bought nice 'beefy' tee shirts for the guys, then embroidered a different design on each one. Step-dad's had a color crab, Cousin's-husband's was a multi-colored Asian dragon, and Teen-cousin's was steampunk wings (Urban Threads).

Gals on my list got funky, patchwork, shabby-chic purses based off The Jenny Bag Tutorial. Again, each purse was embroidered with at least two different designs. My Mom got crabs and palm trees, Cousin's had Asian dragons, and Little-Cousin wild paisley and flowers.

I'm really happy with how they turned out! I may make up some more to have for ready gifts.

Next big project is an urban-style kilt using the X-Kilt Tutorial. As I told my boyfriend Doug, "I don't know if you even want one, but your getting one" LOL