Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Success and Setback

Gosh darn it! I was feeling pretty good about the hat project. Trust me, I've stitched, picked out, and re-stitched it a couple of time, but it's been a steady forward movement. so I've been riding that wave as I diverted my attention to adding LEDs to my friend's Burning Man costume.

I'm adding LEDs to the wedding dress that I previously added el-wire on to. I tried out the soft circuit pattern. Worked on the first try. I start stitching on the dress... nada zip zilch. Phooey! It's either the soft battery pocket or I'm goofing up the stitching pattern. I've stitched one circuit of five LEDs three times now with no success.

I'm going to try using the hard battery holder. Hopefully I can figure out a way to attach it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Note to self: LED soft circuits

Negative lead to negative battery.
Positive Lead to Switch. Switch to positive battery.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Funny how much I'm getting done now that I no longer have cable! I love me some tv but it's saving me money and giving me more time by not having it currently. Smart move on my part, I think :)

I've solidified my Steampunk costume and persona. I'm thinking she's a bawdy, rowdy, flirty, itinerant dancer providing entertainment & bit of respite for the hardworking airship mechanics and scientists. Why nothing like me at all, huh? ::evil laugh::

The basic clothing choices will be a Ghawazee coat over harem pants or ruffly bloomers. I'm going to use Madame X's Adjustable Ghawazee Coat & Turkish Vest pattern. I can see using grommets, eyelets, washers, d-rings, and assorted hardware for the loops, with keys and compasses hanging from the lace ends. I could even wear a dainty lace blouse under it for a bit more modesty and decorum. I've come up with a design idea for the bloomers that are basically split open up the sides almost to hip line and then lined with increasing width ruffles. The appearance, standing still, would be of a skirt with the sides tucked up, like we did with our big flying skirts.

Not sure yet what fabric I want for the top yet. I'm thinking a white & color stripe for the bloomers and ruffles. I do know I want to make a 'night' or 'performance' version of this. The coat would be cut under the bust line, and sheer, sparkly black. Sparkly bra with gears & brass. The bloomers would be dark dark burgundy red. I'm thinking Steam-Theda Bara.

Footwear is a stumper. Probably sturdy comfortable ankle boots for day. Or maybe even my old bellydance ghillies. I wonder if I could add embellishments to them? I'll have to keep an eye out for appropriate shoes or boots.

It's a start, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gotta love caffeine!

I had a bit too much caffeine so to burn it off I fiddled with a new chain maile technique. I think this bracelet is really cute! Mobius balls linked by black rubber rings and smaller colored rings. Very light weight. I added a magnetic clasp but could easily add another link or two, then just stretch it on & off.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I finished the second pocket for my steampunk-ish pocket belt idea. This pocket is a panel that sits on the left hip and has two smaller pockets plus loops to hang things. I have not added the D-rings yet to this mock-up.

I noticed two construction flaws that are easily fixed when I go make the final version. The first is the placement of the belt loops. They need to be moved to the outside edge. That will remove that annoying 'flap'.

The second flaw is from the larger sub-pocket pulling the bottom edge upward. I should aligned the top & sides before stitching the bottom.

This is only a mockup but I'm kinda digging it. To make more functional I'm going to add the D-rings, and add some black lace appliques to tie in with the black elastic loops & stitching. I'm also thinking of ripping out the top line of stitching, add a lining & install a zipper - TaDah! nifty little purse!

For the final costume piece I may make the panel bigger overall; a very defined curve along the bottom edge; two piece grommets; possibly more grommets as design feature.

I definitely need to add a third pocket to balance the belt. That I'll hold off on until I've made myself a Ray Gun so it will custom fit in the back.