Sunday, March 2, 2008

fun peyote rings

Yesterday afternoon I finally tried out the Peyote Stackable Ring pattern from Beading Daily. Took me a bit to figure out how to continue the patterns past the first 4 beads, but I eventually saw the flow. I think these will be fun to use up leftovers! Plus would be fun to have a ring that goes with a piece :)

I also played with the spiral rope stitch from 'Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski'. A few fumbles at first, of course LOL, but then pretty happy with it. I haven't really used it yet, so I don't own the stitch, but looking forward to using it in a piece.

Its funny. As excited as I am about a new project or design, I have the hardest time getting started. Its like I'm afraid to start, afraid I've bitten off too much. But then I just can't stand it anymore and jump right in :) I'm at the point with my spider piece. I bought a nifty spider button off Ebay and plan to create a larger pendant around it. I'd love to either use fine chain or lacy needle lace as the necklace part. I'll decide on that once the pendant is done.

Ok, going to procrastinate a bit more and fix dinner...then I'm beading! :)

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