Thursday, April 30, 2009

Peyote Progress Pics

I thought I post a comparison pic of the peyote rectangles I'm working on from the "Shaped Beadwork" book.

The first rectangle is a single layer with two colors. I found that using two colors really helped me to understand the corners. Basically it's a 1-3-2-2-1 pattern for corners.

The second rectangle is a layered rectangle in progress. I'm using a solid color for the back. Mostly to save my eyesight! The tiny silver lined beads are tough to distinguish especially on the corners. Using Diane Fitzgerald's technique you start the second layer from the inside and work yourself outward. Then zip the layers together at the outside edge.

Third rectangle is a completed double layer. I like the substantial look that two layers give without any actual bulk or added weight. They look less flimsy and more complete, a quality item.

My plan is to practice on triangles next and use those in conjunction with the rectangles in a neck piece :)

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