Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Steampunk Costume #1 - The basics

Recently I was gifted two big garbage bags full of clothing. The Fabulous Gift-er had lost some weight and no longer fit into them. I was delighted to take them off her hands. In going through and selected what I wanted I came across three items that individually didn't strike me, but when I glimpsed them laying together in a pile - Inspiration Hit!

I realized the three separates were perfect, with a little tweaking, for a great Steampunk costume. And really, who amongst us can't be improved with a little tweaking? ;)

Sadly, I've mis-placed my camera so shoddy camera phone pics will have to suffice for now.

The basic blouse and skirt:

The blouse is a 100% cotton, white, princess cut with short sleeves. Shaping is very important especially when boobalicious like myself. I originally thought to tea dye it but decide to keep it white for now. I can always dye it once if it gets stained. I plan on using button covers to cover up the plain buttons with steamy bits of beads & gears.

The skirt is also cotton in the quasi-military style. I hate elastic waists but I can deal with it. I may add bits of old cotton lace scavenged from linen napkins to the pockets for just a touch of femininity. You can't tell from this picture but it's mid-calf length and A-line in shape. Kinda reminds me of the stuff Banana Republic put out in the day.

Ahh, the stodgy, grandmother-ly cardigan. Soon to be a sexy steamy cover-up! I have two ideas for this piece. One idea is to re-sew the front so it is more fitted and shape the back to almost a bustle. The second idea is add a ribbon along the top of the lacy part and use that to draw up to the waistline. Maybe to add some additional lace. I can see wearing this over a sexy bra :D

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