Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ethnic Patterns

I just ordered some patterns from I finally resolved in my mind to simply finish Cherie & Chris' el-wire pieces, and to make up at least one each of these new patterns. This, with my existing tribal pieces should get me thru BurningMan.

All three can be found here:
I purchased the Moroccan (Magic) Sun Dress, the short Wrap Dress, and funky wrap Island Pants.

My mom used to make a version of these pants back in the late 60's-early 70's in beautiful luxury fabrics as "hostess" or "lounging" pants. The Wrap Dress will be made up from some existing fabric in my stash, probably a batik or faux tye dye. The Pants and Moroccan Dress might be made up from some cool sari materials I have. The saris are light, airy, with good drape. I think I have at least one paper silk in the stash. Hmmm I might make up all three patterns from my saris. I've been holding onto the fabrics for over a year, this might be their time to shine :)

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