Saturday, July 7, 2007

Latest Skirt

I've been totally inspired by Diaryofasewingfanatic to start sewing some cool summer skirts for work. I found these cute fabric during my last Joann's raid:

I'm using New Look 6496: I made up the striped fabric into D (mid-length with gores). In retrospect, since this was the heavier of the two fabrics, almost a lightweight denim, it might have been better as the shorter non-flared version.

Since I'm quite curvy, I had to add some to the hip and remove some from the waist. The directions called for simply turning the waist down and stitching but I varied from that. I still felt like the upper edge was too loose after my fitting. I remembered an article years ago in Threads Magazine about Chanel suits. Evidently she added elastic to the waistband to even fitted skirts, it was just enough to give that custom fit. Taking that as my inspiration, I sewed down some thin lingerie to the top edge before I turned it down & stitched. It doesn't really gather it but just makes it fit a tad better.

Pictures soon as I give it a good ironing LOL

Tonight I'm cutting out the blue print. I'm hoping I have something I can use as the lining LOL I think I have some beige lingerie knit that I might use. Plus some el-wire came in yesterday - woot! Can't wait to start putting it on the wedding dress and mardi-gras costume. The costumes are for a couple of friends for BurningMan this year.

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