Sunday, October 21, 2007

My friends have graciously allowed me to post pictures of their El-Wire costumes! I am so happy and proud of the way they turned out :) These were existing garments that I added El-Wire and its corresponding power sources. The are two challenge with El-Wire: One is that the power source is large & bulky, and has to sewn into the garment so it doesn't affect fit nor weight down the garment. Two the wire can not be bent at all, but coaxed into curves and shapes, and must be couched onto fabric. Time consuming but so totally worth it :)

Without further ado - Pictures!!!

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Cherie said...

These costumes came out so totally amazing, I am still blown away by them. I can not express my thanks and appreciation to you enough! Thanks so much for contributing your creative and artistic talents, and workmanship, to our Burning Man 2007 experience. And to our special day.

And after wearing them for two full nights all over the playa.. your work held up beautifully! I think the only change I will make for next year is adding some sort of closure to the power source pockets on the train of the wedding gown - as they had a tendency to fall out after being dragged on the playa for hours :D. Would you recommend velcro, perhaps?