Monday, February 11, 2008

doh! can't believe I forgot...

I can be such an idiot sometimes! In the midst of my teeth nashing over the lack of Nymo at Joann's & Michael's, I completely forgot about a local, independantly owned bead store, Island Bead ::head desk:: I'm not even sure they are open on Sundays but they were just 5 minutes away from where I was. It wouldn't have taken anytime to swing by their store.

I'm flipping through the October 2007 Bead & Button magazine and come to the store listings in the back. My attention was caught by two stores north of me. I was busily planning a Saturday trip to Cocoa Village and then over to Cocoa Beach when my eye spied the words "Melbourne". Huh, I thought, a bead store in Melbourne? Go figure. Then I read the ad... I repeat, I can be such an idiot at times LOL

I'm headed there after work today :)

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