Tuesday, April 29, 2008

inspired by...

I've been a lurker on Art Junk Girl's blog for sometime and have been particularly inspired by her moleskine journal pages. I love the idea of having a 'capture device' ready for my creative urges.

I really got into the Get Things Done movement several years ago and went thru many... many, many... gadgets, widgets, programs, tools trying to be more productive. It took some time but I was able to filter down to the essence of GTD - a simple capture device that got stuff out of my head so I could 1) focus on other tasks; 2) free up mental resources; 3) retrieve when ready and/or needed.

The same idea can work for creative ideas. I now carry a small sketchbook and colored gel mini pens along with my trusty Moleskine journal. The journal is lined paper and I write everything from shopping lists to design ideas to addresses, etc. I had a bit of a wibble of the sketchbook. Tiny would be more practical in my tote bag, lighter and take up less room but I have a tendency to sketch micro-size. I get very tight, very secretive, very controlled and that constricts the creative process. I've been working to 'go big' in my sketches and other art projects, to break past boundaries, but even an 8.5x11 sketchbook would be too big to haul around every day. So I compromised with one thats roughly 5x7 and wire bound at the top reporter-style. That with some Staples-brand mini gel pens in very brilliant & vibrant colors seems to work so far :)

I have long been wishing there was something like the Craftgrrl Mafia locally. I've found inquiries from folks looking for groups but nobody seems to be organizing one. I was getting to point of thinking I would have to do it (and don't really have the time or energy). Today I hope I've lucked out and found a similiar group. The Help! section of my local paper listed several craft groups and organizations. I've emailed one that sounds cool. A collective of crafty chicks would always be a nifty resource ;)

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