Friday, April 4, 2008

Ups and Downs

First and foremost the Up - I no haiz bye-pho-kals! I'm so delighted the eye doc decided AGAINST giving me bifocals! He found that my eyes are basically the same rx but are straining so hard to see the tiny stuff it's taking longer to re-adjust & re-focus. Since my problem seems to be task oriented he felt that reading/task glasses will solve it - woot! He did not dilate my eyes either, double win! LOL

After the doc I went immediately to Lencrafters. I was incredibly lucky to find a spiffy pair of frames marked down plus $100 off. And they had the lenses in store. Technically I could have picked them up after 6pm but I'll get them in the morning :) Woohoo, one thing off my list :)

And the eye doc re-wrote my whole prescription so I can go back in a month and get new sunglasses.

And now for something completely different... the Down. Next week is gonna be rough work wise. A co-worker had a death in the family and will be out most of the week. I'll literally be working open to close to cover. I'll like the overtime on my check but not fully comfortable with certain tasks she handles. Plus one day I'll literally be on my own as Manager had vacation already scheduled. Ahh well :[

Enough of that....

I'd love to bury myself in beading but I'm waiting for new glasses. Plus I have headache that just won't stop. Not taking big meds cause I want to stay up for the new BattleStar Galaticta tonite LOL! Speaking of beads, once I have my task glasses I'm hoping to really bury myself in my work. I'd like to complete about 10 pieces this month, start on a big 'show stopper' piece I have in mind, and get some ideas fleshed out for a Burner buddy. My plan is to use June for embellished clothing, most likely tribal-ish bras.

Tomorrow I pick my new glasses, go to my Mom's to finish taxes (insert heart attack here), grocery store, make some ice cream, maybe cook a roast, and get my bead on :)

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