Monday, September 22, 2008

Another "Meh" show

The weather was fine, our drive up was great, the hotel was nice, and we found excellent Irish pub food. Nom nom nom scotch eggs! I sold 4 bracelets from my lower price point on Saturday. Sunday was nothing but "Wow! what beautiful stuff! and great prices! Ok, bye!". :: heavy sigh:: It was one of those events where no one was buying. The only bags you saw folks carrying were filled with tomatoes and cukes from a veggie merchant around the corner. One of the food vendors told me that folks were doing the same to them - they would compliment the menu options, comment how good everything smelled, and then keep walking.

Oh well. I'll get the website finished up. I also need to work on more pieces for Friday Fest and Florida Pagan Gathering.

OH! I had someone ask me to come vend at their event! I think I'm at Utopia that weekend but I pleased to be asked.

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