Saturday, September 13, 2008

Successful Friday Fest

Last night I vended for the first time at FridayFest in Melbourne, FL. I usually go to FridayFest as an attendee. I enjoy strolling the street, checking out the vendors, listening to the band, then hanging out with the drummers and bellydancers.

It was a big different be a vendor. For one, I couldn't explore as usual but I was fine with that. The organizers were kind enough to put me down by the drummers so I was the first tent in the row. I got a lot of very positive feedback. Many people asking if I was local, did I have shop, where do I sell at, and most importantly - would I be back next month? Obviously I will LOL

About halfway through the evening a gentleman approached my table. He stuck out his hand and said "I've been talking about you all evening". I know my eyes got big and eyebrows shot up LOL Turns out he was one of the organizers and was working a mic & pa system further down the street. Since this was my first FridayFest he was talking up my stuff on the mic! How cool!

OH! and I sold a couple of my higher price point pieces!

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