Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UFO List as I clean out the Studio

New Goth/Steampunk Coat - use black & gold belly dance cover-up; gold embroidery on the back, various elements down the front & on sleeves; collar will be vintage seal fur capelet; need fabric for actual coat - something lightweight enough for Florida "winters".

Black Cotton Lace - there is enough for a new sheer slip dress

Tribal Panel - cool kicky skirt; lingerie style elastic waistband; side zip, slits up side

Green Velvet Flair Pants - replace waistband; see if I have wide no-roll elastic

Dark Green Velvet Bra - needs flannel lining then ready to sale

Painted Bra - needs waist & shoulder straps then ready to sale

Butterfly Bra - Paint around butterflies, add straps, ready for sale

Beledi Dress - add buttons & closures, then ready to wear

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