Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Success and Setback

Gosh darn it! I was feeling pretty good about the hat project. Trust me, I've stitched, picked out, and re-stitched it a couple of time, but it's been a steady forward movement. so I've been riding that wave as I diverted my attention to adding LEDs to my friend's Burning Man costume.

I'm adding LEDs to the wedding dress that I previously added el-wire on to. I tried out the soft circuit pattern. Worked on the first try. I start stitching on the dress... nada zip zilch. Phooey! It's either the soft battery pocket or I'm goofing up the stitching pattern. I've stitched one circuit of five LEDs three times now with no success.

I'm going to try using the hard battery holder. Hopefully I can figure out a way to attach it.

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