Thursday, July 2, 2009


I finished the second pocket for my steampunk-ish pocket belt idea. This pocket is a panel that sits on the left hip and has two smaller pockets plus loops to hang things. I have not added the D-rings yet to this mock-up.

I noticed two construction flaws that are easily fixed when I go make the final version. The first is the placement of the belt loops. They need to be moved to the outside edge. That will remove that annoying 'flap'.

The second flaw is from the larger sub-pocket pulling the bottom edge upward. I should aligned the top & sides before stitching the bottom.

This is only a mockup but I'm kinda digging it. To make more functional I'm going to add the D-rings, and add some black lace appliques to tie in with the black elastic loops & stitching. I'm also thinking of ripping out the top line of stitching, add a lining & install a zipper - TaDah! nifty little purse!

For the final costume piece I may make the panel bigger overall; a very defined curve along the bottom edge; two piece grommets; possibly more grommets as design feature.

I definitely need to add a third pocket to balance the belt. That I'll hold off on until I've made myself a Ray Gun so it will custom fit in the back.

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