Tuesday, July 1, 2008

gasp! an Update!

What's this??? an update?? GASP!!!

LOL I know, I know! Its been ages since I've updated, but I can either create or blog. And sometimes creating wins :)

Looking forward to CON14, http://www.c14ybor.com/, in August 2008. I'm finishing up some gorgeous decorated bra's. I've got a few display props on order, hopefully they will arrive this week. I need to lay out my wares and start planning my display. See what I'm missing, what needs to go upwards, etc.

Plus I just received confirmation that I will be vending at Florida Pagan Gathering, http://www.flapagan.org, in November! Bouncy Bouncy SQUEE! I'll finally get to use my EZ-UP canopy! I may need to rent a small trailer or suv to haul up canopy, table, plus my camping gear (tent, screen room, collapsible kitchen, picnic table, etc). I may invest in a better quality air mattress too - one of those that sits up higher. That is the one bad thing about tenting it - getting up and down off the air mattress LOL

Hope everyone is having a good summer so far!

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