Sunday, July 20, 2008

18 days away!

Only 18 days until I head to Tampa for C14!!! I'm nervous and excited but nearly ready :)

Today I worked through a pile of unfinished necklaces. I finished 8 necklaces! Woot! I have one that is still unfinished because I need more Crystal Fireline, and two that I'm just not happy with. I'm not sure if they need to be re-worked or re-done completely. I'll look at them later with fresh eyes.

I'm going to make some more necklace displays this week. I found these two cool tutorials that I'm going to try out:
Necklace Display Tutorial
Taco Bell Bowl Necklace Display.

I'm also going to start pulling together a 'show box'. I've found several good lists online plus I remember some of what my bosses took when I worked at the jewelry manufacturer.

Hopefully I can stay busy enough to keep the anxiety at bay LOL

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