Monday, August 11, 2008


I had a good safe trip home. Traffic was not bad at all and we made good time. I dragged my suitcase in the front door about 9pm. Of course all the rest of my stuff is still in the car LOL
Changed immediately into a comfy nightie and relaxed for the evening. I love my bed :)

The positives:

  • I received many compliments on my display.
  • I received many compliments on my work.
  • Not one dreaded "I can do that".
  • I sold 6 pieces.
  • No one blinked at my prices.
  • I have enough pieces to use at my next show, less to replace.
  • I know now to make some matching or coordinating earrings and rings.
  • I have time to focus on some planned arty pieces.
  • Follow up administrative tasks will be easy this time around.

The negatives:

  • It was a slow vending event overall. Some just broke even, some sold nothing at all.
  • Poor initial impression of the event due to uninformed staff.
  • Never laid eyes on the Vendor Coordinator the entire event, couldn't pick her out of a line up.

So overall - not bad. I've got a show under my belt. I have another event already scheduled and I'm prepared to pick up a few more.

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