Thursday, August 7, 2008

The trip over to Tampa went well. A little behind schedule but it's not like we were on a deadline LOL James' photoshoot went well. He got a couple of awesome shots. I enjoyed downtime by the pool, flipping thru a 'Bead and Button' magazine, brainstorming some new pieces. After the shoot a few of us went out to dinner in Ybor City. Nom nom nom :)

The event is going exactly as planned but I'm rolling with the punches. I must have looked at last year's schedule and thought it would be duplicated this year. This year vending is only two days (Saturday & Sunday) and from Noon - 5pm. This is really odd for any event I have ever been to but hey, roll with it. Load-in is Friday afternoon and we're planning on getting booth & product shots.

Tomorrow morning we're walking a couple of blocks to a French restaurant for crepes! Rawr!

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