Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zen Cart update so far

Saturday - Brain Cell Increase Or Decrease???
So did I just kill or increase a few brain cells getting the shipping options setup in ZenCart? It has taken me the greater part of the evening to set the shipping costs as I wish. Thank Goddess I'm doing this locally install of a live install LOL I love being able to change - test - change - test with no consequences.

Sunday Afternoon - All Your Credit Card Are Belong To Us
Bwhahahaha! I have conquered the Payment & Credit Card module! Woot! Once I go live I'll install the PayPal payment option module and the Transfirst credit card authorization module. They can not be installed nor tested on local system.

::rubs hands:: closer my Prrrrrrecccioussssss, closssssseeerrrrrr ::/Gollem::


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